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In the room, in its darkest corner, behind the peeled off wallpaper a vein appeared. Later it shaded away and three days later came back again, but this time right in the middle of a central wall. I tore off the wallpaper and examined the vein. It was large, purple-blue, flexible. I didn't know where does it come from as well as what it is about. Having decided to find out what kind of liquid races in this strage artery through my room, I took the biggest syringe I had, steriIized it with alcohol and carefully knocked a needle into the vein. At first nothing happened, then the syringe began to fill up with some kind of dark grey smoke. When the syringe got filled, I took out the needle and pressed the perforation with the wet cotton. Smoke prisoned in the syringe vessel were moving chaotically as if it was liquid fog sought to leave narrow glass shores. While I was pondering how to deal with rebellious substance, the vein became pale and slowly stepped back into the wall. I still cannot make decision what to do with the fog. I just put it into the fridge and have forget about it.

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